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This One’s for the Veterans

At Win-Sam, we have a special respect for veterans – maybe because out of our 32 plant employees, 17 are veterans. They have a combined 157 years of service from all four branches of the armed forces – Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy.

This hasn’t been by design, but their training, dedication and reliability works well with our plants. The work ethic demonstrated by these individuals has been instrumental in building a team that’s eager to improve our processes and maintain the equipment throughout its life expectancy, or in most cases, beyond that life expectancy. They’re used to learning new things, taking on challenges and working varied hours.

As the plant manager at the University of Texas at San Antonio likes to say, “It is like working on the ship in many aspects, except after I clock out, I get to go home every night!”

This Veterans Day, Win-Sam honors all U.S. veterans, and we’d like to give a special shout-out to our own. Thank you for your service, then and now.

University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Joel Lammert – 4 years Navy

University of Texas at Dallas
Jimmy Wilson – 6 years Navy
Gene Breeden – 6 years Air Force
Frank Cohan – 2 years Army
David Luthy – 6 years Navy

University of Texas at San Antonio 
Will Allen – 21 years Air Force
Lee Vidaure – 20 years Navy
Mario Tomas–20 years Navy
Buddy Magill – 20 years Navy
Terence Peters – 14 years Navy
Terrell Licona – 8 years Army
Seamus Rainey – 5 years Marines
Marty Martinez – 4 years Navy
Eric Wheatley – 4 years Army
Brett Hoff  – 4 years Navy
Jeffery Spruill – 7 years Navy

Carolinas Healthcare System
Jerry Merwin – 6 years Navy

We have a unique services solution that adds true value to our customers. This results in long-term relationships built on true, measurable outcomes.”

Rodger Commers, Current Plant Manager, Win-Sam Employee since 1975

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