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Win-Sam teams up to win 2016 Vista Award for Healthcare Engineering

Win-Sam is pleased to have been included in the coveted 2016 Vista Award for Infrastructure from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) as part of a cross-functional team at Carolinas Healthcare System. ASHE, part of the American Hospital Association, uses the Vista Awards to recognize...

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This One’s for the Veterans

At Win-Sam, we have a special respect for veterans – maybe because out of our 32 plant employees, 17 are veterans. They have a combined 157 years of service from all four branches of the armed forces – Air Force,...

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One Big Way to Reduce Costs for Healthcare Systems

Times are tough in the healthcare industry. Over the past few years, federal and state budget shortfalls, plus new legislation and regulations, have decreased payments for healthcare services. Yet patients still need the same care; some would argue they need better...

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The Best Place to Inject Condensate Treatment to Get the Most from Amines

Should you inject condensate treatment into the boiler via feedwater or directly into the steam distribution header? To answer this question, we must first understand how condensate treatment works and what it is for. When boiler water alkalinity breaks down, it produces...

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3 Important Tasks for Your Cooling Tower Maintenance Checklist

Performing annual chiller plant maintenance? Don’t forget about the cooling towers. Like chillers, cooling towers have designed approach temperatures and ranges – that is, the difference between the leaving water temperature (LWT) and the entering air wet bulb temperature (WBT). Typical...

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How to Drill into Concrete without Hitting Rebar or Conduit

Core drilling into concrete is the process of drilling concrete using a specific tool to remove a cylinder of the material. Similarly, anchoring (fastening) to concrete involves drilling into the concrete with specific tools. These processes both run the risk...

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Top 8 Central Energy Plant Costs and Risks – and How to Minimize Them

What’s costing you so much in your central energy plant, and can you bring those costs down? We’ve compiled a list of the top eight costs and risks associated with CEPs, and the best ways to save your organization money...

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How Win-Sam Leads in Central Energy Plant Best Practices

Best practices. Innovation. Cutting edge. All hot buzzwords. But what’s the practical application in a central energy plant? Any organization knows it starts with the people on the team; the ones on the front lines every day, keeping plant equipment clean,...

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