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3 Important Tasks for Your Cooling Tower Maintenance Checklist

Performing annual chiller plant maintenance? Don’t forget about the cooling towers. Like chillers, cooling towers have designed approach temperatures and ranges – that is, the difference between the leaving water temperature (LWT) and the entering air wet bulb temperature (WBT). Typical cooling towers approach temperature ranges from 5°F to 10°F; the lower the better.

Cooling Tower Efficiency = (EWT – LWT) x 100 / (EWT – WBT)

So what variables impact the approach of a cooling tower, and which can we control?

We certainly have no control over the wet bulb temperature, but by ensuring good airflow and water flow through regular maintenance, we can influence how well heat is rejected from the water into the air.

• Manage airflow by cleaning the cooling tower fill and drift eliminators, to ensure plenty of air can move through the tower.

• Manage water flow by ensuring that the water distribution system and nozzles are operating properly to break the water up into small droplets that can easily make their way down through the tower and mix with the air.

• You can also manage water flow by removing the sludge from the basin of the tower, allowing enough space for proper cycling and cooling of the water.

In conclusion, we all put a lot of emphasis on the maintenance of our chillers, but let’s not forget to maintain our cooling towers as well. The cooling tower is where all of the system’s heat is expelled – a vital piece of the overall system.

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